Hooray! Let's get you familiar with how to use the Magic Markers

Please Read the Step by Step Instructions Below

Yippee! You're excited to use your Magic Bundle!

But you need to ensure you use it properly to prevent common user error, the pens getting dry easily and ensure know how to transfer your awesome drawings! :)

Following this Step by Step guide explains the general how to use, helps you avoid common user errors & prevents the Magic Markers from drying :)

Let's Prepare First!

  • Open your package & prepare your pens & magic spoon!

  • Prepare any DEEP & Wide Bowl at home (ensure it's a deep bowl)

  • Prepare any dry towel (to dry the Magic Spoon before each drawing)

How Do We Work the Magic?

Simply Follow the Steps as Provided Below

  • 1. Ensure Your Magic Spoon is DRY Before Drawing

  • 2. Draw on the BACK Of The Magic Spoon

  • 3. Blow on the drawing on the Magic Spoon (Blow, Blow)

  • 4. Transfer (Slowly) Horizontally to the (Deep Bowl) of Water

  • 5. Your Bowl Must Be Deep & Wide to Allow All Drawings To Be Submerged (Transferred)

  • 6. Every Time Before You Draw, Please Dry Your Spoon With a Dry Towel/Wipe

Some Things to Remember:

  • Always put the lids back on the pens once you've finished playing

  • It may take some time for you to get the hang of transferring the drawings successfully, so don't worry and don't get discouraged if you can't do it straight away!

  • Never draw on a wet Magic Spoon!

Frequently Asked Questions

This looks hard, is it easy? (Hint: Yes!)

Yes! It's actually a simple 3 step process in reality- draw, transfer & enjoy! We made this detailed guide so our customers have clear instructions for parents to share to their little ones to follow.

My Drawings Are Not Floating! Help!

If you have the drawings on the spoon ready, please ensure your angles are correct (horizontal and downwards motion) to a deep bowl. A deep bowl is essential to have all drawings be submerged to transfer.

Why are my pens not drawing on the spoon?

Always dry your Magic Spoon before drawing and ensure the little ones are aware that drawing on a wet spoon causes the pens to not work.

What can I do to keep the Magic Spoon dry?

Have a dry towel/wipe ready to dry the Magic Spoon before drawing.

I'm still struggling, can you help?

Yes, we sure can! Please email us at hello@kiddiescreate.com and attach a video showing what you're struggling with. This allows us to offer you the best help to guide you to success :)

Check Out Our Ambassador Tutorial Videos Below!

 Watch and learn how to successfully transfer the drawings from the magic spoon to water and how to make temporary tattoos!

Tips to Make Temporary Tattoos:

  • 1. Prepare some normal paper that is bigger than the floating drawing you want to pick up

  • 2. Place the paper on the floating drawing as flat as possible

  • 3. Lift the paper up and place it on your skin

  • 4. Slowly peel the paper off your skin and the drawing will magically stay there!

  • 5. You can also experiment with picking the floating drawings up using the Magic Spoon or your finger and placing it on your skin!

  • 6. Enjoy the Magic!